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Poster information
Posters can be setup during Tuesday morning from 7:30. Support is provided until 10:00. Poster boards and pushpins will be provided by WETPOL. Each poster is assigned a number in advance. We number the boards, so you do not need to put a number on your poster. The format of the poster board is 120 cm x 150 cm (width x height). We suggest to use landscape format. The posters must be picked up after the last poster session on Wednesday evening at 20:00 as we need to clear the room. During the Tuesday and Wednesday poster sessions, stand at your posters during the appointed time so attendees can meet with you and ask questions about your work.

Poster awards
The three best posters will be awarded DKK 5,000, DKK 3,000 and DKK 1,500, respectively, by the publishing house MDPI. Emphasis will be on clarity, good balance of images/figures and text, and clear objectives and conclusions. The poster awards will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Oral Presentation information
Each of the four auditoriums has a person responsible for operating the computers in the auditorium. Please bring your .ppt on a USB stick, and hand in your presentation as soon as possible after your registration and in due course before the session in which you are presenting. Concurrent session speakers each have 15-minutes, including time for their introduction, Q&A, and shift of speaker. Hence, we suggest to use maximum 12 minutes for the presentation. Moderators will enforce the 15-minute limit. Prepare accordingly.

Equipment available

  • A technician will assist with equipment operation during the session.
  • PC laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint (2016) Application
  • Computer Projector and 16:9 widescreen format
  • One podium microphone and one wireless lapel microphone
  • A Wireless Remote Control to advance and reverse slides.

Internet will not be available for presentations

PowerPoint Presentation Instructions
A ppt template that might be used, is available for download here.

  • Embed graphs or figures into the document as independent objects; do not dynamically link from other programs.
  • Limit file size to 25 MB and less. Photos for slides can be compressed and saved in a lower resolution.
  • Disable any automatic advance timer on your file
  • When saving your file, use the name of the person who is presenting and the first few words of your abstract title, e.g. DonaldDuck_TitleOfMyAbstract.ppt.
  • If there are videos in your presentation, save the video and PowerPoint files in one folder
  • Staff will load your file to the laptop prior to the session
  • We encourage you to use the laptop offered by the conference. Should you decide to use your own laptop, you will need to test it 24-hours prior to your talk, and it must be set up prior to the beginning of the session. Bring your power cord, computer cable, and, if using a Mac, an adapter.

Best student oral presentation awards
The Society of Wetland Scientists Europe Chapter are happy to provide sponsorship of the best student presentation. The first prize will be €300 and the second prize will be €100. Presentations will be assessed on the quality and clarity of the introduction, objectives, methods, results, ability to answer questions and the overall design of the presentation. The awards will be announced at the closing ceremony.