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WETPOL is an international conference bringing together wetland scientists, engineers and practitioners working on wetland ecosystem services, including water quality improvement, climate regulation and flood control. In 2019, the 14th annual SWS Europe Chapter Meeting will be organized in association with the WETPOL conference in Aarhus, Denmark. The conference will create a framework for wetland scientists and practitioners to exchange knowledge and advance the overall understanding of these complex ecosystems. The goal is to improve our understanding of the role wetlands perform in processing nutrients and contaminants, and to discuss and demonstrate how restored and constructed wetlands in the future, via their associated ecosystem services, can contribute to ensure sustainable water management and resource recovery while at the same time regulating and mitigating impacts of global climate change.

  • The conference programme will include recent advances in the following areas:
  • Biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients
  • Carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Wetland plants ecophysiology and invasiveness
  • Constructed wetlands for the treatment of domestic, industrial and other types of wastewater
  • Nutrient removal in constructed wetlands in agricultural landscapes
  • Cold-climate, arid-climate and warm-climate constructed wetlands
  • Intensified constructed wetlands
  • Microbial electrochemical wetlands for wastewater treatments
  • Evaporative willow systems
  • Sludge treatment red beds
  • Phosphorus recovery from constructed wetlands
  • Paludiculture, i.e. the cultivation of wetland plants as wet crops on rewetted peatlands
  • Other related topics.

The conference will include one day of field trips to explore unique natural wetlands and peatlands in the region as well as examples of constructed and restored wetlands.

Weather forecast: https://www.yr.no/sted/Danmark/Midtjylland/Aarhus_Central_Station/

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A Green Meeting

We aim at making the WETPOL2019 conference as sustainable as possible. The amount of printed materials are minimised, we provide refillable water bottles for everyone, we serve green and healthy meals largely produced locally, and we encourage the use of public transport.