Deadline and Template

Session proposals

  • Session proposals shall focus on specific topics related to (but not include) the general topics of WETPOL 2021
  • Contributions to the session will be collected during the general call for abstract. The session proposers will be involved in evaluating the abstracts submitted for the session.

Workshop proposals

  • Workshop proposals focus on presenting a specific topic or project with a pre-set list of speakers.
  • The duration of a workshop is set to 90 minutes.
  • The workshop proposers are responsible for the program and speakers. All speakers must be registered for the symposium.
  • Workshop proposals may also include other elements besides presentations, e.g. panel discussions.

All speakers must be registered for the symposium

For submitting proposals for sessions/workshops use the template and submit the proposal no later than 15th of December 2020 to

General Topics

  • Biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients
  • Carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Wetland plants ecophysiology and invasiveness
  • Impact of climate change on wetland systems
  • The role of wetlands in pollutant management at the catchment scale
  • Attenuation of diffuse pollution in wetlands
  • Behaviour of priority and emerging pollutants
  • Molecular and microbial advances related to pollutant fate, disposal and removal in wetlands
  • Advances is modelling for process understanding and design
  • Increase process understanding for TW types, e.g. Evaporative willow systems, Sludge treatment wetlands, Intensified wetlands, Microbial electrochemical wetlands resources recovery from wetlands
  • Role and functioning of wetlands and other nature-based solutions in urban settings