Early Bird registration until June 30th

The event will take place on the all-in-one platform Talque with five days of live content and an engaging program. You can look forward to the following program points and features:

  • 5 days of wetland science brought to your home
  • 4 Keynote speakers
  • Live sessions: parallel sessions as live streams with a moderator including Q&A
  • All Keynotes and live sessions will be available on demand during the conference week and after the event.
  • Posters: Live poster presentations with Q&A and on-demand viewing and download of posters for the entire conference duration; Vote for your favorite poster – Best poster award
  • Networking: smart matchmaking feature to connect you with participants based on your profile information and interests; Sli.do integration in chats, questionnaires and 1:1 video chat; Virtual round tables for group discussions and socializing in virtual coffee breaks
    • Send instant messages to your contacts directly or request a video call
    • Individualized user profiles for optimal networking
  • Independently arrange discussions around topics of your choice with the ‘unconferencing feature’ – Fully integrated in the platform
  • Top data security and full compliance with GDPR and the EU Data Protection Directive


Category Early Bird
HIC € 230 € 300
HIC Student € 130 € 200
LAMIC € 130 € 200
LAMIC Student € 90 € 160

HIC…High income countries
LAMIC… Lower and middle income countries
Based on the classification of the World Bank