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Special Sessions

Following the call for Session Proposals, fourteen specialised sessions has been accepted.  In genral, each session will be 90-minutes long and entail a 5-minutes introduction, five 15-minutes talks forming a cohesive theme, and a 10-minutes question and discussion period at the end of the session.  If you are one of the authors contributing to a specialised session, please select the session during the abstract submission.

Session Moderator Session Topic
1 Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann
University of Greifswald (Germany)
e-mail: wichtmann@succow-stiftung.de
Paludiculture: Crop Cultivation on Rewetted Peatland
2 Dr. Siyuan Ye
Key Laboratory of Coastal Wetland Biogeosciences,
China Geological Survey (China)
e-mail: siyuanye@hotmail.com
Effects of Climate Warming on Coastal Wetland Services
3 Dr. Matt Moore
USDA Agricultural Research Service Oxford, MS (USA)e-mail: matt.moore@ars.usda.gov
Value of Vegetated Drainage Ditches as a Management Practice for Pollutant Control
4 Dr. Magdalena Bieroza
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
e-mail: magdalena.bieroza@slu.se
Combating Eutrophication with Agri-environment Measures: from understanding Processes to better Management and Effectiveness
5 Dr. Alexandros Stefanakis
Bauer Resources GmbH (Oman)
e-mail: stefanakis.alexandros@gmail.com
Constructed Wetlands Projects under Hot and Arid Climates
6 Dr. Christopher Craft
Indiana University Bloomington, IN (USA)
e-mail: ccraft@indiana.edu
Wetlands, Climate Change, and Carbon Cycling: From Field Manipulations to Hemispheric Surveys
7 Dr. Jaime Nivala
Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research – UFZ (Germany)
e-mail: jaime.nivala@ufz.de
Recent Advances in the Design, Application, and Operations and Maintenance of Aerated Treatment Wetlands
8 Dr. Jan Vymazal
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic)
e-mail: vymazal@yahoo.com
Constructed Wetlands for Treatment of Agricultural Drainage and Runoff
9 Dr. Katharina Tondera
IMT Atlantique, Irstea (France)
e-mail: katharina.tondera@imt-atlantique.fr
Nature Based Solutions in Circular Economy – Dissemination and Practice
10 Dr. Steen Nielsen
Orbicon A/S (Denmark)
e-mail: smni@orbicon.dk
Climate Effect on the Sludge Dewatering and Mineralization Processes in Sludge Treatment Reed bed Systems
11 Dr. Kela Weber & Vincent Gagnon
Royal Military College of Canada (Canada)
e-mail: kela.weber@rmc.ca
Microbial processes in wetlands for water pollution control
12 Dr. Wiktor Kotowski,
University of Warsaw (Poland)
e-mail: w.kotowski@uw.edu.pl
Multifunctional wetland buffers: assessing synergies and constraints between different ecosystem services.
13 Prof. dr. J.T.A. (Jos) Verhoeven,
University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
e-mail: j.t.a.verhoeven@uu.nl
SWS symposium on wetlands and ecosystem services: water quality improvement, climate regulation and flood control.
14 Dr. Ülo Mander
University of Tartu (Estonia)
e-mail: ulo.mander@ut.ee
Wetlands and Buffer Zones Mitigating Water Pollution and Climate Change

Session speakers are required to register for the conference by Friday, 1 February 2019 and pay the registration fee to confirm participation as a speaker.
For questions, contact Dr. Hans Brix hans.brix@bios.au.dk or Dr. Carlos A. Arias carlos.arias@bios.au.dk